Welcome to Golf!

Let me be the first to tell you that this game is AWESOME! There are so many great benefits to this game. Golf is a 10,000+ step walk in the park, which makes it exercise-friendly. Golf is connecting with nature and hanging with family or pals. It keeps your mind sharp…golf keeps you young.

Let’s get you on your way to great golf. The first step is to ensure that we get your skills up to par and your confidence in high gear. I picked up the stick in the year 2000. I dropped to a five handicap in 5 short years. If I can do it, so can you. Now, your goal may not be single digits, but I do know that golf is a lot more fun, when we are playing well…and with confidence. I offer many ways to help make that happen. I want you to walk onto the first tee box with ultra-confidence. Check out the five steps to your right and let’s get to it!

5 Steps to Your First Pars!

  • Get the Pink Book

    The Pink book is jam-packed with cover-to-cover visuals and your pal out on the course or at the range. Although marketed to women, the content is for all players. GET YOUR SIGNED COPY NOW »

  • Access 7 Steps to Real Change in Your Golf Game

    This FREE webinar style More Pars Training is for all levels and a great first training to get your brain prepped for new skills…so what you learn sticks. GET ACCESS NOW »

  • Enroll in Level 1 More Pars University

    This comprehensive online learning program covers everything you need from bag drop to your last putt on 18. It is designed to provide a brand new player, to the more experienced players—tee to green game knowledge. LEARN MORE OR ENROLL NOW »

  • Get Golf Rules & Etiquette You Gotta Know in your Bag

    This is a must-do to ensure that you keep your pals and make new ones. I have a guys, gals and junior edition! GET YOUR RULES & ETIQUETTE POCKET GUIDE NOW »

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    I post great tips for your game weekly. Plus, I post special learning programs and my More Pars Fitness exercises designed for golfers. SUBSCRIBE NOW »

Great Tip to Get You Rolling