I Want to Break 90!

You can achieve anything you set your mind and energies toward. That’s a fact. They key to success is understanding what your goals are and understanding that to achieve your goals, you need to take action…the right action.

Let’s get you on your way to great golf. The first step is to ensure that we get your skills up to par, so we can get you more consistent. I picked up the stick in the year 2000. I dropped to a five handicap in 5 short years. If I can do it, so can you. Now, your goal may not be single digits, but I do know that golf is a lot more fun, when we are playing well…and with consistency. I offer many ways to help make that happen. I see too many players losing strokes, simply because they are not focusing on the right steps. Check out the five steps to your right that are proven to deliver more pars. So, let’s get to it!

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5 Steps to More Pars!

  • Get the Yellow or Green Book

    Both books are jam-packed with cover-to-cover visuals and designed for the course and range.. The Yellow Book dives deep into the skills of the game, whereas the Green book covers mental, course management, and a focus on the tougher shots that we encounter during a round of golf. The Green book includes three guy Pros, making this book super-guy friendly. GET YOUR SIGNED COPY NOW »

  • Access 7 Steps to Real Change in Your Golf Game

    This FREE webinar-style More Pars Training is for all levels and a great step for you, I want to ensure that you truly understand your motivation drivers and that you truly understand how the brain likes to learn. I also cover how to practice efficiently, so you can transfer your skills to the course…and lots more. GET ACCESS NOW »

  • Enroll in Level 2 More Pars University

    Level 2 Birdie Course is the next progression, after Level 1 Par Course. Level 2 dives deeper into all the game essentials. We’ll focus on getting you more fairways, GIRs and Up & Downs. So whether you want to learn better technique on the green, chip it closer to the hole, get solid from the fairway, or aspire to go higher with your driver, this course covers it all. LEARN MORE OR ENROLL NOW »

  • Get Golf Rules & Etiquette You Gotta Know in your Bag

    This is a must-do to ensure that you keep your pals and make new ones. I have a guys, gals and junior edition! GET YOUR RULES & ETIQUETTE POCKET GUIDE NOW »

  • Subscribe to my More Pars YouTube Channel

    I post great tips for your game weekly. Plus, I post special learning programs and my More Pars Fitness exercises designed for golfers. SUBSCRIBE NOW »

The most important area as you progress is a focus on 60 yards on in. Christina Ricci, Your More Pars Coach

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