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If getting the ball airborne is a constant battle, let’s stop the pain now with a Swing Review! Swing Reviews are a fantastic tool – tee to green to get you back on track and more consistent.

Reviews delivered via personal page within 3-4 days.

Full swing any club– front view, behind view, and close-up of grip
Around the Green – 10-30yds – front view, behind view, close-up of grip
Bunker Play – any shot – front view, behind view, close-up of grip and of lie
Putting stroke – 3-ft putt face-on and behind AND 15-ft putt – face on and behind view
Trouble Shot – Submit your trouble shot ex. uneven lies – face-on and behind view

KEY POINTS: Let me know target for each and take a minimum of 3-4 videos per shot so I can see a pattern. Show me your routine with each and make sure I can see all of you and the ball, but not too far away. Watch the how-to-videos prior to capturing to make the process easy!

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How to Upload your Swing Captures

Once you capture your swings whether ipad or smartphone, head to wetransfer.com to upload. It is a free service and super-easy to use. Do not send videos via email. 1. They are too big. I need full HD either 1080 or 720HD. 2. Email compresses and I do not want compressed versions. Send to hello@www.christinariccigolf.com

Key Points for Capturing and TriPod:

  • I need 2 views: directly behind you and directly in front of you. Make sure I can see ALL of you AND the ball..but not too far away. So fill the camera frame with you and the ball. Take a few so I have options. So hit 4-5 balls
  • Always look at video after, so you can confirm that you got the shot.
  • If your hubby’s or pal is shooting you, have them watch their finger when they are shooting. Make sure it is not in the video. Check to be sure.
  • Make sure your camera settings are set for 1080/60fps in your video record settings on iPhone – this is KEY.
  • Shoot when there is plenty of light… so example: avoid after 6:00PM filming
  • MAKE sure sun is BEHIND you, NOT in front of you.
  • Send videos using wetransfer.com to my email hello@www.christinariccigolf.com

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