More Pars Playbook & Membership


Select Your More Pars Training Membership Package! I am inviting players “stuck” in their game to join me for an incredible personalized More Pars Coaching & Training program. With the NEW More Pars Playbook + online coaching & training program you’ll finally get your game on a path toward consistency.

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With a mix of self-guided and one-on-one personal coaching, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create real change in your golf game. It doesn’t matter where you live.

I will personally guide you with tee to green instructional coaching, game strategy techniques, and proven methods of skill learning and transference to the course. With the More Pars Playbook, Targeted Playlists and Swing Reviews and direct coaching from Christina Ricci, you’ll know the exact steps to achieve real change in your golf game.

“I am ready to help you with your game! Are ready to create real change in your game?” – Christina Ricci, Your More Pars Coach

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