What & Benefits

The 2018 MORE PARS TOUR EVENT is an expedition across North America providing passionate players an opportunity to be part of an awesome collective MORE PARS experience.

The energetic host, Christina Ricci invites club properties to welcome a one- or two-day golf learning event. These unique events are designed to get your members excited about learning, to entice new faces
…and get everyone excited about More Pars!

Club & Retailers

  • Exciting Event Offering

    Create member retention and value with special event offerings.

  • New Faces

    Clubs have the option to include access for non-members to participate in the More Pars Experience! Retail Stores can attract new customers!

  • Social Media Fun

    An opportunity to have a blast through social media, posting your club or store’s awesomeness, to support such a unique media experience.

  • Opportunity for Great Publicity

    All Clubs or hosting facility have the opportunity to be a part of the More Pars Show, which will be documented on Christina’s More Pars YouTube Channel. This is a great opportunity to showcase the hosting club or store.

  • New Product for the Shop

    Hosting Clubs receive a complimentary compact 2-sided tabletop More Pars retail display spinner with $100 worth of product for the shop. ($160 value).

  • Happy Members = Retention!

    Offering Unique Events appreciated by Members and creating loyal fans of your store.

“As golf participation is arguably still declining, we as PGA Professionals have to find new ways to grow our customer base. Attracting women on the consumer as well as the producer end of the golf industry is critical for the sustainability of our industry. “Ward Sutton, PGA Master Professional and the PGA General Manager at Hidden Valley Country Club in Reno, Nevada. Excerpt from PGA Best Practices


  • Lots of Learning Formats

    The mission is to get players excited about learning as they experience Christina’s signature style of teaching. Through fun More Pars Clinics, More Pars Fitness, On-Course Play and More Pars Games & Contests…more pars await!

  • Opportunity to Win!

    All participants who participate have an opportunity to win More Par prizes.

  • Opportunity to Travel

    Participate at your club and meet new faces at other clubs participating in the More Pars Collective Challenge.

  • CardioGolf

    More Pars keep flowing with ongoing opportunities at your club to provide CardioGolf as an ongoing program offering.

  • More Pars Takeaways

    Each Club enjoys a special page with targeted playlist to keep players on-track, as they continue their Journey to More Pars.

  • Happy Members!

    Getting More Pars!

“After finding you and your tools, I’ve not only broken 100 (my goal), but I shot an 86! Your stuff for us girls is AWESOME!! Keep it coming!! I’m a lifelong follower!”Kate / Maryland
“Christina, your videos and teaching are top notch. You don’t waste time with a bunch of unnecessary talk. You get right to the point. Keep up the great work!”
Luther Evans / YouTube Fan

Revenue, Registration & Promotion

    • All players and levels welcome
    • Clubs select the one- or two-day events or can open registration up to members to let them decide what programs they would like. See below under Registration.
    • Time of year determined by Christina and Club
    • Each guest receives Welcome Gifts, including Christina’s best-selling books!
    Hosting Club Revenue
    • Club Receives 100/pp per day
    • Clubs provide clinic space, green/cart fees & lunch.
    • Additional Assistant Instructor for guests beyond 6 – Rate of $180 for 4 hours
    • Hosting Club receives complimentary tabletop retail display with $100 worth of product for the shop. ($160 value).
    • Clubs receive all applicable promotional material to get members/non-members excited about participating in this unique experience.
    • We do request that the club promotes the event with enough advance notice to members
    • We promote heavily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our own database
    • Clubs have the option of sponsoring the event for their valued members or facilitating payment through member club accounts. Full payment to Christina prior to event is required.
    • Option for Christina Ricci Golf to handle transactions through her secure site. Full payment to club, prior to event.
    • A minimum of 6 guests are required for a visit.
    • New England Clubs head here »

Questions? Reach Out!
“ I want to thank you on the awesome tip on over the top and Happy Days Fonzie. Starting to get on track something I was having trouble with all summer. You have the most important thing in golf… passion and enthusiasm! Keep up the great work and thanks again.”Thomas B / YouTube Fan
“ I found you on You Tube and have been a fan ever since. I love your teaching style and humor…your tips have already helped me play better golf and Make Mo Paaahhs!!” 
Eva G

Event Programming Mix

  • One Day Event $499/per person

    7-12 Participants
    $699/pp 4-6 participants.

    A one day event (8 hours) with Christina includes:
    • 3-Hour Clinic: Short Game, Long or Mix
    • Lunch Q&A with book signing
    • 2.5-Hour Power Clinic with Assessments or,
    • 2 Hours On Course Instruction
    For pace of play, we suggest a 9-hole scramble-style format with special More Pars scorecards.
    • Plus, participants are invited to participate in the More Pars Before & After Series which will air on Christina’s More Pars Youtube Channel.
    • Participants can also test their new skills in the More Pars Games, held throughout the event for awesome prizes!

  • Two Day Event $899/pp

    7-10 Participants
    $1295/pp 4-6 participants.

    A two day event (12.5 hours) with Christina includes:
    • 3 Hour Short Game & Putting Clinic with Assessments
    • Lunch Q&A with book signing
    • 2 Hours on the Course
    For pace of play, we suggest a 9-hole scramble-style format with special More Pars scorecards.
    DAY 2 
    • 1.5-Hour More Pars Fitness including TPI Screens or CardioGolf Session designed by LPGA MAster Instructor, Karen Palacios-Jansen
    • 2-Hour Solid Irons & Woods with Assessments
    • Lunch Break
    • 2.5 Hour Power Clinic including Power Assessments
    • Plus, participants are invited to participate in the More Pars Before & After Series which will air on Christina’s More Pars Youtube Channel.
    • Participants can also test their new skills in the More Pars Games, held throughout the event for awesome prizes!

More Pars North AmericaDownload Proposal Package
“Christina Ricci is a trailblazer in golf. She has introduced tens of thousands of women to the game utilizing her successful methodologies coupled with her keen knowledge and upbeat spirit. Whether it’s a podcast, clinic or a teaching segment on the Golf Channel, Ricci resonates with her students in a powerful yet relatable way.”
Emmy Moore Minister, President, Women in the Golf Industry

A Girl on a Par Mission


Christina took up the game in 2000 and dropped to a 5 handicap in five short years. She published her first book A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf in 2008 and never looked back. She currently has 30 plus game improvement products, hosts national golf schools and teaches locally at the beautiful Atkinson Resort & Country Club located in New Hampshire, just 45 minutes north of Boston. Her popular golf tips are featured on the Golf Channel, her More Pars YouTube Channel, national publications, and online portals such as Golfforher.com and LPGA Women’s Network. She is a Boston University graduate.

Christina dropped to a 5 handicap in 5 years.


Experience CardioGolf!

Included in the Two-Day Event
As a certified CardioGolf instructor, Christina will lead group classes to introduce CardioGolf workouts, developed by Karen Palacios-Jansen, Master LPGA Professional.

CardioGolf uses a short club (Shortee Club) and guides players through a fast-paced and fun workout, while grooving the mechanics of the golf swing at the same time. No golf ball or golf skills required. CardioGolf is an exciting and innovative fitness/golf learning program for all skill levels. CardioGolf is a great way to introduce brand new players to the game in a non-intimidating way. Staff can participate and learn more about the benefits and how to get certified as a CardioGolf instructor.

Christina’s Journey to More Pars Event Tour will be documented and posted on social media, press releases and her popular YouTube/c/morepars Channel attracting men and women of all skill levels. The mission is to create excitement and engagement through a collective More Pars experience.

Check Out Christina’a More Pars YouTube Channel where she posts great tips weekly!
“I hope you don’t mind receiving a message from a man and a Brit at that! I have recently found your video tips and I find them extremely useful. They are simple, clear and visually effective. Keep them coming!”

Tim Oldfield
“Christina, your videos and teaching are top notch. You don’t waste time with a bunch of unnecessary talk. You get right to the point. Keep up the great work!”
Luther Evans
“Christina I started watching your videos on YouTube and love the way you show the proper way to do things and simplify them also. My game has really improved since watching you. Love also how you are so down to earth. Thanks for the videos and help!”Brian Phillips

All players and skill levels welcome

“Thanks for all your great videos and tips! You are very clear in your instructions! Would love to see you in person, but live in California! I’m thinking of signing up for your online instruction.”

Joann Butler
“Your videos are awesome! They are the best I’ve ever seen. My game improved so much on your video about keeping your back straight and bend from the hips, instead of slumping from the shoulders. Thank you sooooooo much. Keep your golf videos coming!”
Sue Dinkins
“This video is so helpful. Keeping my shoulders down as made a huge difference in my game. To the point that golf friends are asking me who I am taking lessons from….I tell them Christina Ricci. You have had a greater positive impact on my game than any other person I have taken Kim Bass

All Participants have an opportunity to receive Christina’s best-selling Golf Survival Guides at a special price, guaranteed to deliver More Pars!

“This is so well done! The pictures are great, the notes are too.
Love the Yes & No to let the reader know what to do next.
I will purchase another guide, for sure. Highly recommend.”
By Summer Bunny wrote on Amazon / August 18, 2016