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Approach, Goals for Your Game

  • Where I Began

    An amateur sharing my personal story.

  • Where I will go

    As a professional, I feel empowered to empower.

  • My Teaching Approach

    I believe the first order of business is fun.

  • Where I Teach

    I teach in person and I teach through media content.

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As a teaching professional, I feel empowered to empower.

When I began my journey, I was an enthusiastic player with a desire to share my learning experience and game accomplishments. I took up the game in 2000 and accomplished a 5 handicap in five years. My passion and commitment to the game shifted my career from owning my own marketing & branding company, into the golf world full-time. Sharing my expertise visually —print or video—is what I do best.

As a professional golf instructor, I am now able to provide research-backed and student-centered learning content that can create significant change in how golfers learn and play the game. My deep passion is a continued focus on educating, inspiring and motivating players of all ages with skills to discover more pars for optimal performance and enjoyment.


At Age 7

I began my creative journey when I was a little girl, showcasing my drawings to everyone on the school bus. My joy in life has always been creating.


My Teaching Approach

We are each on a unique path. There is not one way to journey through life. I believe that we each come into this world doing something better than anyone else on the planet. It is our mission, while here, to find that true and unique path. There is not one way to journey to more pars.

I also believe that we learn better when we are having fun. Children got it right. They create fun. It is my job as teaching professional to re-introduce my students to the power of creating fun. Too many forget that golf is a game.

My Core Values

I am having the most fun when I create.
If you care, you will give it your all.
Student Stated: I was so impressed when you would not give up on us. You made sure we understood.
When I am passionate, I have endless energy and enthusiasm.
If you are not having fun…do something else.
When we stop growing, we die.
For me it is quality, not quantity.
Making a Difference
I believe I can make a significant difference, while here.
I make it a point to surround myself with smarter people. My dad always said, “If you are the smartest one in the room, you are in the wrong room!”

If we simply bang balls with the same 7-iron, we are not really learning. All we are doing is repeating. Improvement is short-lived. If you simply copy a shot over and over, you are not learning the process of creating that shot. Instead, we need to create a process. My goal is to teach students how to learn and how to create.
Empowered students stay in the game.

Certification matters

TPI Golf Level 3

Teaching & Learning Environment

I have authored four books, but did not teach until I was certified. As an LPGA member and TPI Golf Level 3, I now feel confident that I can deliver great results for my students.

I reside in New England and teach locally at Atkinson Resort & Country Club's Willowcreek Golf Academy located in Atkinson, New Hampshire.

I love learning.

I love to share what I learn.

I love seeing the smiles on my student's faces when they get more pars.

How I define Success for Your Game

My goal is to help you achieve your goals. I have helped grow and promote the game of golf to women in a personal and unique way since 2008. More than 100,000 women have been touched by my brand. I define success not by how much money is in the bank, but how many more pars on scorecards, how many more players in the game and how many more smiles from all the pars they are getting.

I enjoy helping others. I enjoy teaching. I enjoy the joy I witness in so many players when they see progress. I feel fortunate that I can communicate through media and speak to so many varying skills and ages. My tagline says it all.

Golf is a journey…let's journey together.


Christina my custom evaluation is totally fantastic! I've never had such good information!! I'm finally able to get on a course this week and I can't wait to try out all of this new stuff. You are amazing!!! I will let you know how it turns out after a few practice sessions. Many, many thanks!!!
- Joel C


I love these books. They have been so helpful with my learning process. I’m truly a visual person and the colorful illustrations and the Pink book DVDs have been a great asset in my efforts to gain knowledge in this game. I truly love what you’ve put out there and have found absolutely NOTHING better to help me in my efforts. Thanks again and keep them coming!
- Kathy M


This video is so helpful. Keeping my shoulders down as made a huge difference in my game. To the point that golf friends are asking me who I am taking lessons from....I tell them Christina Ricci. You have had a greater positive impact on my game than any other person I have taken lessons from. Thank you for breaking down the key points without pointing out too many things at once.
- Kim B

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That is a beautiful range!!! Love the guy in the background. lol I try all of your tips, Christina, and my golf game is much better. Maybe today’s tip will help me with a slice that has plagued my drives for a while. Seems like there are certain holes on the course where I always slice my drive. Must be something inside my head on those particular holes, such as, you always hit a slice on this hole so let’s just do it again!

Watch Tip 116



First of your video tips I’ve received and I can see already I’m going to take something from each one! Raining still in Seattle too!

Watch Tip 111



This is always a tough shot for me. I really should walk up and assess the shot but usually worry that I am taking too much time and hurry it. Club choice is always a challenge for me since I have been golfing such a short time. By the way, is your 58 degree club slightly less of an angle than the 9 ? I would guess so since you want the ball at a lower angle after you hit it…I am not familiar yet with the different degrees..l guess I should do that.

Watch Tip 26

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Repetition isn’t enough unless it’s wrapped in the entire shot process. Otherwise, it won’t stick.

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Christina Ricci is an LPGA member and TPI Golf Level 3 Certified. She has authored four Golf Survival Guide books and is a strong advocate for growing the game, educating players on the importance of professional golf instruction, and providing educational tools to learn the game in a fun and approachable manner. Her unique female perspective and personal journey inspire players of all playing levels to reach their personal golfing goals.