Repetition doesn’t qualify unless it’s wrapped in the entire shot process, otherwise, it won’t stick.

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Eunice from Kenya

I have been practicing your tips and so far the driver launch has been great . Yesterday during our club nite i had some amazing tee shots thanks to you.

Watch Tip 118


Really a valuable piece of info – love your tips and website – I forward to many of my friends! Thank You!

Watch Tip 111


I have to say this is my worst part of my golf…although putting is not the greatest either, but I am working on it. These tips will really help me to get better.

Watch Tip 5


That is a beautiful range!!! Love the guy in the background. lol I try all of your tips, Christina, and my golf game is much better. Maybe today’s tip will help me with a slice that has plagued my drives for a while. Seems like there are certain holes on the course where I always slice my drive. Must be something inside my head on those particular holes, such as, you always hit a slice on this hole so let’s just do it again!

Watch Tip 116


First of your video tips I’ve received and I can see already I’m going to take something from each one! Raining still in Seattle too!

Watch Tip 110


This is always a tough shot for me. I really should walk up and assess the shot but usually worry that I am taking too much time and hurry it. Club choice is always a challenge for me since I have been golfing such a short time. By the way, is your 58 degree club slightly less of an angle than the 9 ? I would guess so since you want the ball at a lower angle after you hit it…I am not familiar yet with the different degrees..l guess I should do that.

Watch Tip 26

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