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If you want more pars, but you just can’t seem to find the center of the clubface…and you’re 3- and 4-putting…

Let’s stop the pain now with Christina’s More Pars Training programs. Christina Ricci is a best-selling golf author, LPGA and Titleist Performance Institute Golf 3 Certified Coach, and most importantly, passionate about helping you get more pars!

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2-Week More Pars Training – Long Game $297
2-Week More Pars Training – Short Game $297
4-Week More Pars Training – Long & Short Game $597
6-Week More Pars Training – Lomg & Short Game $797

12-Week More Pars Training – Tee to Green $1597|

VIP Annual More Pars Training

Seasonal 6-month $2997
Year-round 12-month $4997

VIP Package includes all the benefits of the weekly packages plus: up to 8 reviews/month + Monthly Coach Sessions + On-Demand More Pars Support whenever you need it. Plus, special discounts for attending Christina’s Golf Schools!

“Working with Christina Ricci has been a very rewarding experience. From her golf books to her videos and finally to a personalized 12 week online instruction class, I have found a convenient and effective way to hone in my golf skills. I’ll admit that I was skeptical as to whether an online golf instruction class would be effective – but it was – Christina’s class is great! Her class is filled with plenty of one-on-one time, excellent swing reviews and videos personalized to help where you need it the most. Christina has helped to transform my swing which allowed me to get more pars and have more fun, just as she promised. Oh, and she’s very funny, which helps too!”

Yvette L. / 12-Week More Pars Training

What you get and who It’s for:

  • Connector.

    Weekly Tee to Green Swing Reviews

    From the Big Dog, the fried egg, or those pesky uneven lies, get personal key swing points to get solid and more pars!

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    Stat Assessments

    To see big impacts on your scorecard, we need to assess your current game.

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    Weekly Self-Guided Playlists

    Weekly targeted playlists to get your skills up to par.

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    Personalized Drills

    Christina provides targeted drills for your game and teaches you how to practice efficiently for big results.

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    New Golfers Welcome

    If you are newer to the game, this is a great program to get you up and running quickly, including special new golfer playlists.

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    Avid Golfers - Take Your Game to the Next Level

    To break 100, 90 or 80, you need consistency, more distance, GIRs and Up & Downs.

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    More Pars Platform Membership

    Annual Pass to the More Pars Plaform where you’ll track your stats and game progress. 6-, 12-Week and VIP Packages only.

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    Welcome Gifts!

    Autographed Copy of Christina’s Book (choice of Pink, Yellow, Green or Blue). For 12-Weekers – Two of Christina’s books + Kate Lord Cap with Christina’s crystal ballmarker! VIP get Embroidered Golf Survival Guide Shirt + all 4 Survival Guides your choice of 4 brand new Pocket Fold-Out Guides!

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    Private Facebook Group

    Participants will also have access to the Closed Facebook Group. This group is an important part of the program. It is your community to connect with other like-minded passionate players. A great place to share your achievments and more pars progress!

“I can’t believe the program is over. I so much enjoyed it. You are a fantastic coach. The dedication you have to helping all of us is above and beyond. When I signed up for the program, I was a worried if the online training would work… and have been so pleased, I would do it again. Between the videos, swing analysis, drills and your coaching sessions, I now have the tools to continue to work on improving my game.”Jackie C / 12 Week More Pars Training

Weekly Targeted Playlists

Optional Fun Weekly Activities

Optional fun Weekly Activities to hone your skills and scoring.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No. The Online Video Course will be made available in a progression over the course of your selected program. This includes the weekly downloads and fun activities that you’ll do at your course, range or home. Christina is going to guide you step-by-step through the program to ensure you get the max results. Participants of the 6-, 12-Week and VIP packages will get 12-month access to the More Pars Platform, available immediately!
Weekly! Christina provides swing & game analysis reviews throughout the program. This one-on-one coaching will catapult your game to real change.
You can see results in as little as 1 week, depending on your commitment level and active participation. You’ll see immediate results from the swing reviews, personalized drills, fun Game Sheets and guided practice sessions.
The More Pars Training Program is a mix of self-guided and one-on-one coaching from Christina. Each week, you’ll have optional scorecards and game sheets to hone your skills. You’ll learn step-by-step how to create real change in your golf game. It doesn’t matter where you live. I will personally guide you with tee to green instructional coaching (swing reviews) game strategy techniques, and proven methods of skill learning and transference to the course through the weekly lesson modules.

Most definitely! I have a very special program for brand new players. You’ll learn everything you need to walk on to the tee box with ultra-confidence.
I walk you through a super-simple process to capture your tee to green swings, either with the help of a pal, hubby or handy tripod!
The Stat Assessment is ideal for the more experienced or advanced beginning player. Tracking stats is not recommended for the brand new player. You’ll focus on skills first. For the Avid or Advanced Beginner, you’ll track fairways hit, GIR’s, Up& Downs and putts. Plus, you’ll learn exactly what type of shots you are missing most from 60 yards and in. You’ll track stats through the More Pars Platform as well as on the course with special tracking sheets.

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