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Experience New England in New Hampshire at the award winning Atkinson Resort & Country Club. Just 45 minutes from Logan Airport in Boston. Let’s get you more pars. Join Christina at the beautiful Atkinson Resort & Country Club with a full state-of-the-art Golf Academy, award-winning Championship 18-hole golf course and an executive Par 3 Course. With accommodations and dining right on property, getting more pars couldn’t be more convenient!

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Join Christina at one of her National Golf Schools or schedule a personal visit to your club! With an extensive summer program hosted at Atkinson Resort, Atkinson, NH or at top golf resorts across the country, meet Christina and experience her signature style of teaching—a mix of more pars learning, games and fitness—always guaranteed to entertain, delight and deliver More Pars.

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Stop scooping chips

LPGA Teaching Professional Christina Ricci teaches how better body movement can help you chip it close.

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Drill to increase distance

Do you want 5, 10, or even 20+ more yards off the tee? Let’s make sure that you’re set-up promotes a launch! LPGA Teaching Professional Christina Ricci teaches how to get the ideal launch angle for maximum distance with the driver.

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Secret is in the sit

LPGA Teaching Professional Christina Ricci reveals how a peaceful easy feeling can help you hit better bunker shots.

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“Christina Ricci is a trailblazer in golf. She has introduced tens of thousands of women to the game utilizing her successful methodologies coupled with her keen knowledge and upbeat spirit. Whether it’s a podcast, clinic or a teaching segment on the Golf Channel, Ricci resonates with her students in a powerful yet relatable way.”
Emmy Moore Minister, President, Women in the Golf Industry

A Girl on a Par Mission

This story is about a girl (that’s me!) and her passion for the game (that’s golf!). I started my love affair with golf in the year 2000 and I never looked back. Four books later, a couple big credentials (LPGA Class A & Titleist Performance Institute Golf Level 3 Performance Coach), I journey on with crazy passion to help players of all ages and skill levels get more pars. Through my best selling instructional books, DVDs, NEW More Pars Pocket Series, private lessons, clinics, national golf schools, and my popular golf video tips delivered on multiple platforms…more pars await! My golf tips are featured on my YouTube Channel, national publications, online women’s portals such as and LPGA Women’s Network. Plus, I have been featured on The Golf Channel! Scroll up for my latest Golf Channel tips!

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“I purchased your pink book several years ago and I love it. I find it very helpful and I like the way you visualize the techniques throughout, making the learning experience even more enjoyable. The pink book also serves as a golf fashion guide for me, as I really enjoy viewing the stylish golf outfits you wear throughout. You look great! My husband enjoys your book too!”

Jittra and Lawrence Lynde | Teeing It Up in Scottsdale/AZ

Tip of the weeks

Wedge Plan

Get Balanced

In this Tip of the Week, we will focus on balance. Balance is essential in the golf swing. Good balance helps us deliver our clubface back to the ball for center contact. Center contact is the key to solid contact and this great drill will help you find your balance. This drill also helps you with release and feeling the swing’s arc. So, let’s get to it!

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Hop & Skids

A Head Case

In this Tip of the Week, let’s not be a head case. I see too many players with cock-eyed head positions that prevent good backswings from happening. Instead, I show you a great spot for your head that will keep your neck safe and make it easy to get into that great backswing. So, let’s get to it!
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Alignment Simplified

In this Tip of the Week, I share the key points that really simplify the alignment process. Good alignment is essential for great swings. Misalignment will create swing compensations in an effort to redirect back online. So, let’s get to it!

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Finish on a Clock

Zipper Up

In this Tip of the Week, I show you how to zipper up and get connected. The golf swing likes connection so the club can do its thing. Once you learn how to zipper up, you’ll be amazed how solid your ball striking can be! So, let’s get to it!

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